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Indie Owners: You Need This Software!

It runs your whole business.

Frees up 75% of your time.

Makes your job EASY !

Indie Heaven is powerful software for the music business!

Indie Heaven software is currently handling the technology needs of these indies and artists and more:

King Scruff

Jason Chance

Furball Productions
Inc, Burbank CA

Jefferson Lynn
Global Music LLC

Group of 12

You get all this with every installation of Indie Heaven :

User and Artist Accounts
Mailing Lists and Artist Blogs
One Button Press Releases
Generate and Host Ads
Real Time Royalties

Double Ledger Company Books
Full & Partial Order Fulfillment
Merchant & Shipper Interfaces
Enormous Database Collection
Drag & Drop Promotional Mail

Integrated Web Network
Network Wide Single Sign-On
Scalable from 1 Artist to 1000's
Configurable Artist Relationships
Raise New Web Sites in < 5 Min

User Roles and Credentials
Fully Encrypted Database
Per-Field Security Validation
Sequesterable User Sessions
Work Lists and Audit Logs

Indie Owners: You Need This Software!

Stay tuned - we're going to license this software
so cheap you won't be able to say no.

And once you see it in action, you won't want to. You'll say WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE !

Hello out there in Indie-Land! Stick with us, you'll be glad you did.

Announcing: Indie Heaven Cloud Edition
Announcing: Indie Heaven Personal Edition


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